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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Immunoclone and hybridoma database network for Europe


Set up of a database on immunoclone descriptions from scientific literature, patent applications registered at the European Patent Office (Den Haag, Netherlands), commercial catalogues of biotechnology firms worldwide and public laboratories' collections.
The data input and validation software for the immunoclone database, ICDB, has been achieved and a final release was distributed. A consortium agreement was finalised which states on rights and duties for input activities, sharing of tasks, copyright, sharing of royalties, local use of the database and distribution policy.

The total production of the project was of 8673 new records with 2900 other records on scientific literature. The European Collection of Animal Cell Cultures (ECACC) hybridoma collection was entered in ICDB.

The database was accessible online and was updated monthly. The updates were also published in a printed form and on floppy disks for microcomputers.
The countries of the EEC and the Commission of the European
Communities itself have been considering, for several years now, the development of biotechnologies as a top priority. Especially, they have wanted to promote the infrastructures necessary to scientific and technical information.
The European Node of the international Hybridoma Data Bank was born this way. Now technically fully operational, it has to:
- widen its influence in Europe,
- grow,without delay, to integrate the rapid innovations in the "technology of the living beings",
- update the data management of the Hybridoma Data Bank and improve the transfers between the biological databanks,
- to make the dissemination and exchange of information easier,
- gather more information and especially valorize the non-published one from the research laboratories, for a better industrial exploitation of the European potential.


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