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Co-ordinating extending the preparation, maintenance, and dissemination of systematic reviews of the effects of health care within the Cochrane collaboration in Europe


To prepare information about the Cochrane Collaboration in languages other than English.
To increase the number of individuals within Europe who have been trained to design and run workshops for Cochrane reviewers (by means of short-term international exchanges of both staff and trainees).
To help establish the editorial bases of collaborative review groups in European countries which do not currently have a Cochrane centre.
To help establish additional Cochrane centres within Europe.
To appoint an Executive Officer and a Secretary to the Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group's Secretariat, to build and manage this research network.

People who want to make informed decisions about health care need ready access to reliable reviews of the available evidence. Contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration in many countries and specialities are now preparing and maintaining systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and reviews of other evidence when appropriate. This international endeavour aims to ensure that, in due course, all areas of health care which have been evaluated using RCTs will be covered, including all pharmaceuticals. The reviews prepared and maintained by the Collaboration are disseminated using electronic media through The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews on The Cochrane Library. This application for funding aims at support for the entities within the Cochrane Collaboration which stimulate, co-ordinate and support the other entities such as the Review and the Methods Groups, and thus apply the basic principle of subsidiarity. In the European Union these entities are the Steering Group and the Cochrane Centres (the Dutch, Italian, Nordic and UK Cochrane Centres).
In addition to the European Cochrane Centres, the Collaboration will utilise the skills and knowledge of the Australasian Cochrane Centre and the Canadian Cochrane Centre. The Australasian Cochrane Centre has successfully developed training packages for reviewers and will provide guidance in the preparation and development of new training packages. The Canadian Cochrane Centre will contribute skills and knowledge to ensure that all language translations and training materials have a format that can be disseminated via the Internet or other electronic media. The Directors of the Australasian and Canadian Centres regularly attend conferences and meetings in Europe; the Collaboration will arrange review meetings with these individuals to coincide with these external events.


Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group
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