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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Prevention of disease caused by waste handling with special reference to en toxin and (1->3)-B-D-glucan


The objectives of the project are to provide knowledge for the prevention of waste dust related disease through:

* Coordination and optimization of ongoing research projects,
* Identification of causative agent(s) and pathological reactions caused by
these, development of a measurement strategy,
* Evaluation of the no reaction threshold, based on dose response
relationships, for establishment of guidelines,
* Develop improved diagnostic criteria for disease caused by waste
handling and,
* Develop information material to disseminate knowledge for preventive

Initially, a review of information on waste dust exposure and disease will be made. This material, which is going to be continuously updated, will be available for outside use. The scientific data base will be analyzed and a state of the art article for publication in a scientific journal will be prepared.
Investigations will be made of exposure conditions in waste processing facilities with different technical characteristics and with particular reference to airborne dust, bacterial endotoxin and (1->3)-B-D-glucan - a cell wall component of moulds. The importance of source characteristics, storage and waste collection for the worker exposure will be studied. Workers engaged in different parts of the waste handling industry will be examined with particular reference to the presence of airways inflammation and asthma. Persons will be challenged with bacterial endotoxin and extracts of waste dust to study the development of inflammation and obtain a basis for a no reaction threshold. In these experiments, new effect and endpoints in terms of inflammatory markers and cell reactivity will be evaluated. Animal experiments will be made to study the mechanisms behind the diseases present among waste workers with particular reference of bacterial endotoxin and (1 ->3)-B-D-glucan from mould cell walls. Information material for researchers, workers and management will be prepared.

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