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A European initiative in advanced methods for disease mapping and risk assessment


To provide a review of current geographical information systems in use in member states
To review available methods for assessment of geographical variations in disease
To assess via European-wide applications the most appropriate mapping methods
To establish a European-wide database of the distribution of diseases related to sources of health hazard and to evaluate in conjunction with 1) 2) 3) above, the best methods of analysis of such data.

(i) Geographical Mapping of diseases

Given the wide range of methods available in this area, there is now some need for a comparative evaluation of methods. We proposed the following stages in evaluation of mapping tools:

Stages in Mapping evaluation
a) detailed review of current methods including simple smoothing and bayesian models and their use in EU countries
b) common implementation of the main methods in each class
c) test evaluation of methods on known map data, using misclassification rates and residual diagnostic methods
d) pooling of data from European sites and comparative analysis of mapping exercises between current methods and "best" methods found in (c)

(ii) The mapping of "environmentally-sensitive" diseases and the assessment of sources of health hazard

Given the wide range of methods available in this area, and the wide range of possible diseases related to health hazards it is proposed that the project be focused on the following stages:

Stages in Putative Hazard Source Evaluation
1) review of appropriate analysis tools for putative sources
2) evaluate types of sources and initiate collection and mapping of sources and disease distribution
3) development and testing of new methods across the EU


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