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Development of external peer review techniques


To exchange experience in health services accreditation, including external peer review systems, by identifying existing organisations actively pursuing accreditation systems, by cataloguing achievements, and by networking. To establish mechanisms for collection and dissemination of concepts, implementation and training, and to support integration of external peer review systems with internal quality improvement.

Supported by CASPE Research in London (and its subsidiary Hospital Accreditation Programme based in Bristol), a centre will be established and staffed to co-ordinate information on current and proposed development, including to:
- Identify existing organisations by literature review and direct contact
- Catalogue achievements as surveyed by partners through structured questionnaire and visits to identified organisations
- List and obtain publications on European systems, including grey literature
- Establish network including bulletin board accessible by modem to include contact details of organisations, bibliography and future events
Mechanisms for collection and dissemination will be established including:
- Baseline seminar: two-day meeting of participating states in London to discuss survey report and identify-priorities for joint action
- Topic seminars: two-day seminars on identified priority concerns, each to be researched, prepared, organised, hosted and written up by one principal partner. The agenda will be developed from the baseline seminar but is likely to include themes such as: Position and operation of a accreditation programmes. Specialty applications of accreditation systems. Structure and development of accreditation standards. Statistical comparisons in accreditation
-Open conference: two-day meeting to report on progress, recruit new participants and exchange information and products. The agenda will be shaped by the baseline seminar but may cover issues of methodology.
Staff exchanges : opportunities for representatives to be exchanged for short spells and for potential participants to observe established programmes.

Funding Scheme

CON - Coordination of research actions


King Edward's Hospital Fund
76,Borough High Street
SE1 0AN London
United Kingdom