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Application of in-vivo gene transfer to cardiovascular research


- To maintain a European facility for the production of transgenic models of cardiovascular disease.
- To provide access to the facility and its materials to participating laboratories for the investigation of gene regulation and function, with specific focus on those genes involved in cardiovascular homeostasis.

The technology for introducing genes into the mammalian germline is widely used in many areas of modern biomedical research. The 'Transgeneur' programme has been running for 5 years and consists of a dual-centre central facility which provides optimal flexibility for collaborative projects and for overcoming technical difficulties. This programme supports a central facility to service the needs of European researchers actively engaged in, or wishing to engage in, the application of transgenic techniques to the understanding of cardiovascular disease, in particular hypertension. Through studies on the regulation of the genes involved in blood pressure homeostasis, it is expected that greater insights into the underlying mechanisms surrounding both normal and abnormal blood pressure control will be obtained.

Whilst numerous laboratories routinely generate transgenic mice, the transgeneur programme provides one of the few facilities able to consistently generate transgenic rats. The flexibility to utilise both species enables researchers to more effectively design their studies. Due the expense and time involved in the production of transgenic animals, access to such facilities is severely limited for European research groups working on cardiovascular disease. Through the production and dissemination of transgenic strains the programme aims to enhance the efforts of individual laboratories both in the study of gene regulation and the development of disease models.

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