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The Euro-Qual II Programme


EURO-QUAL II envisages the encouragement of basic and applied research on methodologies that improve quality of orthodontic care in Europe, as well as the harmonization and implementation of these methodologies in European Member States. On a side track of this mission, EURO-QUAL's intention is to support related specialist-branches in their development and implementation of pan European quality initiatives by exchange and communication of knowledge and experience of models for assessment of health needs and demands, and for trendsetting and planning in the field of public health. This includes further cooperation with Eastern European colleagues that have been associated with EURO-QUAL during the past year

Objective 1 : Consolidation, implementation and expansion of the established framework of guidelines for effective and efficient orthodontic care in Europe, through harmonization of strategies for improving the quality of orthodontic care and the establishment of a quality culture in European memberstates. During the "First European Consensus Meeting on Orthodontic Care" it has become apparent that in a substantial number of the participating countries, national quality initiatives are taken. EURO-QUAL II strives to bring together these initiatives on a European level with the aim of exchanging information and expertise. This will be achieved by the establishment of a transnational platform of orthodontic quality experts who have experience with working on quality initiatives on a national level.
Objective 2 : Assessment of the socio-economic impact and performance measurements of orthodontic provision through development and implementation of an orthodontic quality information system, in cooperation with existing telematic systems in oral health care. Main objective is the implementation of orthodontic quality indicators which will increase effectiveness and efficiency of orthodontic care provision in Europe. It is envisaged to cooperate with existing Pan European data based systems with a scope on quality in European public health.
Objective 3 : Research on economics and organization of orthodontic care systems and the provision of services through cooperation with organizations of consumers, educational institutes, financial resource organizations and supplier/manufacturer organizations. The communication and feedback of Programme activities are central objectives in the EURO-QUAL Programme in order to create a quality culture and a framework that are both relevant and useful in a European context, whilst respecting national differences. In the past two years research projects were carried out and meetings were held with organizations and institutes, responsible for orthodontic care provision. A major objective in the aim of implementation of a quality system for European orthodontic professionals is formed by cooperation and harmonization of national economic and organizational environments with the aim of joint development of criteria that form the prerequisites for effective and efficient orthodontic care in Europe.


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