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Concerted action on research on attempted suicide in Europe


To collect, coordinate and analyse data from identical follow-up studies on attempted suicides, carried out in 12 research centres representing 12 European countries, and thereby try and identify social and personal characteristics predictive of future suicidal behaviour, with the ultimate purpose of being able to work out guidelines and recommendations as to prevention and intervention in the field of suicidal behaviour.

In most European countries, suicidal behaviour (suicide and attempted suicide) has been identified as a major public health problem and a considerable drain on resources of both the primary and the secondary health care levels. However, due to cross-cultural differences in the medical treatment of attempted suicide as well as in research methodologies, it has been almost impossible to make valid comparisons between European countries on suicidal behaviour or to draw a remotely clear picture of the situation. The initiative taken by World Health Organization in the mid 1990's was a break through in introducing in the field the design of multicentre studies (the WHO/Euro Multicentre Study of Parasuicide). One part of this study dealt especially with the growing problem of repetitions of suicidal behaviour, and came to consist of follow-up interview studies on parasuicide populations as special high risk groups for further suicidal behaviour (suicide and attempted suicide) with a view to identify social and personal characteristics predictive of future suicidal behaviour. Data fiom these identical follow-up studies on suicide attempters, carried out in 11 European research centres, is now being pooled, coordinated and analyzed at the Unit for Suicidological Research in Odense. This part of the project is supported by EEC under the BIOMED 1 programme. The proposed study lies in continuation of this first Re-petition-Prediction Study.

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