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Near infrared spectrophotometry and imaging for non-invasive functional assessment of biological tissue


The scientific objectives include achievement of quantitative spectroscopy by developing an advanced European Near Infrared Spectroscopy instrument, designed to meet the requirements of the clinicians. and improve and validate image reconstruction algorithms and improve data acquisition techniques as a first step towards neonatal brain functional imaging.

The current CA programme will terminate on 31 December 1995 after establishing a solid base for a shared cost programme. This proposal for the Biomed 2 programme for the period Jan 96 to June 97 has a number of clearly defined objectives. One of the key objectives is the achievement of quantitative spectroscopy by developing an advanced European near infrared spectroscopy instrument. The objectives also include methods and techniques to improve and expand the accuracy of NIRS data and will include determinations of absorption and scattering properties of tissue. Measurement of CBV and CBF will be further refined and spatial localisation available from NIRS will be assessed. Muscle function will be evaluated by combining NIRS and MRS.

The FEM models developed during the existing CA programme show good agreement but in order to guarantee a satisfactory behaviour in clinical applications the FEM model has to be validated against experimental data. Both the forward and inverse (reconstruction) models will be validated. The data acquisition time from phantoms as well as from biological tissue needs to be substantially reduced, for functional imaging and an automated data collection system will be developed. In parallel with this work tissue equivalent imaging phantoms representative of the neonatal brain and breast will be developed.

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