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The develoment of analytical procedures for medical and bilogical material using the "Multiple Internal Reflection Assay"


In material from living organisms it is necessary to detect and quantify substances in very low concentrations. The analytical procedures are time consuming and tedious. Medical and biological laboratories will use faster and combined analyses with advantage. It is the aim of this project to develop a quick measuring device for more than one parameter at a time. This will be achieved by the use of capillarys instead of cuvettes or else: by using the wall of a capillary as guidance for lignt, fluorescent molecules can be measured at the inner wall side due to the "evanescent waves". If the wall is coated with an antigen for example, then a competitive binding of antibodies is possible. By adding a known amount it is possible to calculate the unlabelled amount present. This is called the Multiple Internal Reflection Assay (MIRA). This has been tested in principle, and patents have been granted in Europe and USA. The market of immunoassays is great. In future a growing market for DNA/RNA or cell compartments is expected. Producing a system which works more time and cost-effective will have good chances on the European market and also chances for the SME's to get market positions.


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