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A new integrated system for the surgery of complex posterior segment disorders of the eye


The project is designed to develop a new system of instrumentation for posterior semgnet eye surgery. The system will permit the isovaric injection of intraocular fluid tamponade simultaneously with electronically-controlled vitrectomy. All instruments to be developed in the proposed project will be self-illuminatig, using a novel application of fibre-optics, thus permitting true bimanual surgery. Such instrumentation will allow the development of new surgical strategy and technique, improving prognosis and outcome in treatment of the blinding retinal problems caused by complex retinal detachments, complicated diabetic retinopathy, posterior segment trauma and AIDS.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Sterimedix Ltd.
Arthur Street
B98 8LG Redditch
United Kingdom

Participants (1)

Vennex Chirurgische Produktion GmbH
43,Klosterstraße 43
63872 Heimbuchenthal