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Innovating Technology for Internal Reference of Solid State and Semi-Disposable Anitmony pH Catheters for Gastric Diagnoses


Research and Technical Develoment into Internal Reference of (ion-sensitive field effect transistor) ISFET solid State Glass and Semi-Disposable Animony pH Catheters. These devices are used for diagnoses of gastroesphageal reflux, titration of drugs and pre-and post -operative assessments. Glass and antimony pH catheter, gastric holter device, and semi-conductor technologies will be integrated and a comparative clinical study will be executed. The objective of this IRC research project will be systems that are timesaving, cost less (25%), produce more reliable data and secure diagnostics, has no cross contamination and eliminates the waste of Ag/Cl reference electrodes.


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Synectics Gastro AB
12,renstiernas gata 12
116 28 Stockholm

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