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Concertation of the european strategies for intervention in Parkinson's disease with special emphasis on functional neurosurgery


To intensify and coordinate efforts in the field of neurosurgical interventions for Parkinson's disease (NIPD) in Europe.

The number of patients with Parkinson's disease that receive neurosurgical procedures is presently small and the expertise to enact the treatments is not widely available. Giving a European dimension to these dispersed efforts through a Concerted Action will sharpen the accuracy of the various approaches and provide better coordination of activities in an important field of medical research in which the present European lead can and should be maintained.
Three activities are put forward for concertation:
development of (i) a standardized evaluation protocol, including clinical assessment and functional brain imaging, and (ii) a registry coupled to a searchable database for patients undergoing NIPD in Europe
concertation of clinical activity with neurosurgical procedures of the three different kinds: lesion, stimulation and transplantation; approximately 200 patients will be treated in the European centers during the period of the proposed concertation.
continuous review of the main strands of experimental work in the field of NIPD, bringing in groups from other centers and from other fields of scientific endeavour.
This project will lead to standardisation and harmonisation of evaluation protocols in NIPD. Concertation of clinical activity represents a unique opportunity to define better the relative indications and clinical benefits of each of these neurosurgical procedures. For each activity, a steering group is named. The responsibility of the steering groups is to organize, during the concertation, appropriate training periods on the clinical protocols and the neurosurgical procedures. In addition, the experimental work steering group will organize annual meetings to discuss new developments and novel interventional therapies which will in time lead to change in clinical practice.


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