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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Development, integration and evaluation of a compact robot fro image guided orthopedic surgery


To develop a compact surgical robot system based on user requirements
To develop a software system for planning and execution of the surgical interventions especially based on pre- and intraoperative imageacquisition accordingly
To integrate both systems into a modular compact surgical robot system for image guided orthopedic surgery with special devices for the adaptation of the system to specitic surgical applications and modes of operation
To evaluate the suitability of the system by expert orthopedic surgeons

The main activities in orthopaedic surgery are surgical interventions on bone structures and joints for the treatment of congenital or acquired disorders of the human skeleton and motion apparatus. The exact relations and geometries of the surgical planning and its exact reproduction within the operating site play an important role. International research activities go towards the use of robots and other computer aided solutions to provide a better intraoperative reproduction of planned geometries,
higher accuracies, safety and minimal invasivity of therapy.

However, for an efficient introduction of robotics technology into the operating room accurate medical specifications and analysis of boundary conditions are essential. To meet these objectives, CRIGOS gathers four clinical sites of four different European countries, two universities and two complementary SME specialised in software and mechanical design including quality assurance for medical applications. Additionally one of the world's leading manufacturer for surgical equipment and instrumentation contributes to the project providing special experience concerning the integration of modular devices, computer assisted surgery systems and endeffectors as well as the preparation of industrial exploitation.

The aim of the project is to develop a new modular system for image guided orthopaedic surgery consisting in a compact robot device, special devices for its adaptation to specific surgical applications and a software system for planning and execution of the surgical interventions especially based on pre- and intraoperative image acquisition.

Different modes of operation will be investigated for specific applications:
Manipulator moveable via user interfaces providing an accurate link between the image space (e.g. biplanar x-ray images) and the movement of the instrument.
Semiautomatic image guided positioning of linear tool guides by the robot according to planned geometries (guiding the surgeon executing work on bone)
Robot actively works on bone structures according to the surgical planning

Detailed human factor and medical analysis of user needs, intraoperative bottlenecks and boundary conditions will be the base of work. A permanent exchange and final integration and evaluation of the system by expert surgeons are essential parts of the projects plan.

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