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European Vaccine against AIDS: Centralised facility


To maintain and expand the Programme EVA Centralised Facility for high quality, state-of-the-art AIDS research reagents.
To support through the provision of reagents key areas of AIDS vaccine research such as evaluation of attenuated SIV and chimaeric SIV-HIV viruses, naked DNA vaccines and the use of recombinant viral vectors.
To support through the provision of reagents clinical trials of candidate AIDS vaccine.

Proposal Summary
Programme EVA (European Vaccine against AIDS) was launched in July 1989 with the objectives of supplying high quality research reagents to support European efforts aimed at developing safe and effective vaccines against AIDS and of promoting collaborative European research projects focused on vaccine development.
Under BIOMED2, the Programme's activities will focus on providing European scientists with high quality, carefully characterised and evaluated AIDS reagents. The Programme's Centralised Facility at NIBSC (UK) has built up a large and valuable reagent repository and carries out quality control work on commissioned and donated reagents as well as on those produced "in-house". Reagents in the repository are distributed freely to members of EU Concerted Actions involved in vaccine development as well as to individual scientists as long as appropriate justification is given. Close working links with the various AIDS-vaccine-related Concerted Actions that are being supported through the BIOMED Programme will be established and maintained and the needs of these groups given high priority.
Under BIOMED 2, Programme EVA plans to maintain and expand the EVA Centralised Facility/Reagent Programme and to support the following key areas of research through the provision of reagents:
- Attenuated and chimeric viruses for protection studies in the SIV model. - Naked DNA vaccines.
- Recombinant viral vectors.
- Characterization of HIV strains prevalent at WHO vaccine evaluation sites. - Preparation of vaccines and evaluation of reagents for use in clinical studies.

Funding Scheme

CON - Coordination of research actions


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