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Multi-sensor microsystem for pulmonary function diagnostics


The Scientific and Technical objectives are related to the research of the potential of a multi-sensor microsystem for pulmonary diagnostic functions. In particular, the proposed microsystem is intended for the simultaneously measurement of parameters such as 1) Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF), FEVI, FVC, etc. 2) Temperature (T), 3) Relative Humidity (RH), and 4) pressure (P). All used sensors preferably will be manufactured in solid state technology. The PEF sensor will be based on the principle of thermal anemometry in silocon. Dynamic modelling of the multi-sensor array will be part of the investigation. A special interface will provide A/D conversion and will connect via a bus-system, all four analog sensors with the digital processing part. The project is divided into several milestones and includes also the research of the potential of the integration of the different components with their specific functions. Special attention will be devoted to the sensor housing and packaging. The project is highly multi-disciplinary and combines physics, microelectronics and micromech anics. Also the feasibility of built-in telemetric I/O facilities for transporting data, in order to guarantee maximum patient's mobility, will be taken into account. Different industrial subconstractors will be needed for the final realisation of the modules.


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