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Imaging Micro-Calorimeter


The Scientific and Technical objectives of this project proposal conern the application of adances in infra-red detection and infra-red transmitting materials together with state of the aret imaging electronics and cryo-cooling to provide a novel system for monitoring the metabolic status of cells. (Either individual aggregates of cells or larger populations of eukaryotic cells growing oncigously in a cell sheet on a specially prepared tissue culture surface. Research is required to establish the optimal I.R. technology to employ and to devise a versatile, compact, economical, environmentally friendly and highly efficient cryo-cooler or ultra-cryo-cooler.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Biolumonics Ltd
114,Dunstan Street
NG4 2NZ Nottingham
United Kingdom

Participants (1)

Thermotech Gmbh Kuhlsysteme
37287 Wehretal