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Development and clinical evaluation of a drinking system for patients suffering from temporary deglutition problems


Drinking is a complicated action. The deglution of liquid is co-ordinated by the brains and involves closure of the lips, development of negative pressure in the mouth (suction) and movement os the tongue and larynx. Furthermore drinking is influenced by the condition of the hands(trembling), the amount of administered fluid (cup or spoon), gravity and as a consequence by the position of the person, as well as by temperature and viscosity of the fluid. Therefore drinking may cause problems to persons with disturbed brain and muscle functions such as stroke patients and elderly persons. Also patients who have to lay on their back (most hospitalised persons) often have drinking problems. The aim of this project is to assess a drinking system on improvement of daily activities and reduction of costs of care of patients mentioned above. The drinking system will be composed of a reservoir, a straw and a mouth-piece that contains a valve that prevents back flow of the fluid. With this system every suction results directly in fluid intake and prevents aspiration. The materials used must be non toxic, not influence the taste of a product, temperature isolating, and must be recyclable or biodegradable.


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