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Artificial muscle for the development of rhobotic prosthetic and orthotic implants and devices


AMDROID is a shared cost RTD project which will apply advanced robotic devices a ld control systems to demonstrate effectiveness in enhancing a Id restoring hluntm hmctions. Robotized yrosthetic and orthotic devices and implants will b develoDed using state of the art Smart Fibre actuators whicll will act as artificial mtlscle. The RTD project's goals will be to develop:
- robotized prosthetic devices, smart tibre applied to a metal alloy skeleton (e.g. aml and halld), with neural net contn driving system based on special sensors Ibr drive control (e.g. sensing the user's foot and toe position)
- robotized orthotic devices, smart fibrc applied to a plastic ecto skeleton, with controls and sensors for appropriate m ODeratiOn, wom externally by the user to help with manual tasks (e.g. a < active back support) to study smart fibre implants acthlg as slave to existing weak or degenerated muscle fibre (e.g. ftollowing severe acci An exploratory phase combining a proposal cxpallsion
-uld l'easibility phasc, is re(luircd to identify tcclulical constraints, scope, ethics, market adoption and a Iy other issues which should clearly boundary these objectives such that a realistic, exploitable and high impact project ca l be proposed. rhe project fits well within the BIOMED 2 programme; biomedical engineenng restoration of human function. It will b perfonned by a mix of engineers, medical and clinical experts, t'rom different EU countries, and will result in a set of ba technology components (control systems, sensors, range of fibres) which will require t'urther adaptation for full commerz rhe SME's involved are experts in the areas ol' control systems, sensors, electro mechanical elements, remote control ar and ca R identify a range of product exploiartioll possibilities l'or the results of the project. AMDROID will have a signifi and Economic impact on the way bioengillcerillg svill be applied in EU states, since it will clearly demonstrate the poter restoration of human function, particularlv mobilitv and day to day activities, for a aC: p U


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