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Assessment and improvement of selected technologies to remove or inactivate TSE - causing agents ("prions")


TSE causing agents ("prions") are extremely difficult to remove or inactivat especially if the biological activity of the matrix (e.g. enzymes, antibodies, plasma or othel biologically derived therapeuticals) must be retained. Nevertheless, some processes havE developed and shown to inactivate prions with high efficacy (e.g. the HAEMOSAFE proce others show potential to remove prions (e.g. reversed phase chromatography, hydrophot interaction chromatography, solvent extraction), but there exist contradictory results in lite as to what dearee. This project will determine the potential of these processes in 2 stages: a) they will be optimised for a number of key biologicals to yield unchanged biologic active products in high yield and purity b) the prion removal or inactivation will be demonstrated in spiking experiments. Thf be both IN VIVO and IN VITRO tests done in parallel in order to evaluate the pc of the newly emerging in vitro tests (DELFIA, western blot).


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HAEMOSAN Erzuegung Pharmazeutischer Grundstoffe GesmbH.
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Q-ONE Biotech Ltd
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