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Development of a new respiratory tract drug application technology for the treatment of pulmonary diseases


Research in drug targeting will become one of the most interesting subjects in pharmaceutical in within the next years. By respiratory tract application of drugs, e.g. anti asthmatic substances, antibiotics and secretoly specific targeting and the induction of tissue or cell specific resorption systems is not established moment. An effective drug targeting into the lower respiratory tract or on respiratory tract cells to prove therapeutic effectiveness and reduce the applied dose. Within the proposed project the partners will develop an innovative drug application technology f respiratory tract. The development of specific carrier systems in this "extra corporal" part of the bone be easier compared to drug targeting within the organism. The consortium has considerable experience with liposomes and surfactant formulations which X used as specific drug carriers. The first step of the project will be the identification of suitable drugs of different chemical structures used in the carrier systems (liposomes, surfactant) for inhalation. This is a very important step because the wrong selection of a substance or disease for treatment would lead to serious problems in the subject. Besides the use of therapeutic drugs, the consortium will also use the carrier systems for gene therapy of cystic fibrosis. The next step will be the development of stable formulations of different drugs with liposomes anl factant. Cell specificity will be reached by receptor specific ligands which will be integrated into the somes and surfactant formulations. The goal of the project is to establish a new technology which could be used for different drugs and the therapy of different diseases of the respiratory tract and the lung (asthma, infectious diseases cer).


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