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Reagent kits instead of animals. In vitro methods to replace in vivo tests for immunotoxicity testing


Approved international standards for toxicology and allergy screening tests are in vivo methods. The use of experimental animals in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic indus constitutes increasing problems. Tests on animals are unethical, expensive and give unrelia results. Recent documented research progress can result in development of alternative in v methods. Human blood cells in with an allergenic substance release cytoki These can be assayed with immunoanalysis. Continued research will focus on the explora of the principle for the development of in vitrs} assessment of allergenicity and toxicity. V the scientific basis established, methods will be developed to produce generally applicabli vitro tests. Extensive comparative studies will be performed between these in vitro meth and current government approved animal tests. The research, development and clinical study assume a co ordinated network project including several countries. These studies will aim getting European approval for these in vitro methods as new standards. The advantages of methods will benefit the European pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Biovator AB (Aktiebolag)
103 32 Stockholm

Participants (2)

B R A H M S Diagnostica GmbH
12099 Berlin
Boule Diagnostics AB
141 44 Huddinge