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Medical applications of ultra-fast detectors


AkUd(X Ultra fast imaging is becoming an accepted laboratory tool the location of fluorescent labelled drugs and markers to be locat. specific positions in living cells. Recent developments in image i] sifier technology promise valuable apllications in the medical fie] A major RTD goal of the project will be to image through soft tissn ("transillumination") using a pulsed laser source. The principle h. is to use extremely high shutter speeds on the camera to discrimat tween the directly transmitted, orballistic component, and the sca light which takes longer to emerge. A major advantage from a medic; point of view is that such a system would eliminate the need to us damaging X ray radiation: profilling and focusing can also be read: achieved in the visible light beam.

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EAW - Exploratory awards


Hi-Light Opto Electronics
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