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Impact of European Union Internal Market regulations on the health services of Member States


To analyse the impact that European Union regulations are having on health services in relation to the four free movements - of people, goods, services and capital. Four countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden) will be used as examples.

Brief description:
This project focuses on the impact of the internal market on the health care systems, and specifically on the impact of EU directives and regulations on care delivery in selected Member States of the European Union (Sweden, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom). The project therefore requires research both at a European level (in order to identify the directives and regulations which may have an impact on the delivery of health services in the Member States), and at Member State level (in order to assess the impact of EU directives and regulations within the Member States).
The project will be completed in three phases. In Phase One, data will be collected at the European level, and across the four countries, in a consistent and comparative manner. In Phase Two, an analysis will be made of the different factors which explain the extent, nature, and impact of the adoption of EU regulations in the four Member States in the field of health services. In the final phase, case studies and future scenarios (using the material gathered in Phase 2) will be developed and then analysed in national focus groups. The outcome of these case studies, scenarios and focus groups, together with the data and analysis developed in Phases 1 and 2, will result in a final report which highlights the key issues.
Health Services, Internal Market, Health Policy, Public Health Management.


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