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A coordinated analysis on the development of European standards for the assessment of disablements in mental and neurogical disorders


- The application and testing of the concepts and criteria of mental and neurological disablement of the revised ICIDH classification in clinical populations.
- The production of culturally applicable, reliable and valid assessment instruments for mental and neurological disorders in six European languages.
- The promotion of this classification and instruments in Europe for use in clinical work, research, social security systems and legislation.

Brief description:
Diagnosis is not the sole useful indicator, both in medical research and in socio-economic research in health (burden of disease, health service utilization, evaluation of services, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses of interventions, etc). It needs to be complemented with an assessment of the consequences of mental and neurological disorders to provide a better understanding of health care needs, to estimate the costs of disease and to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of health care services and interventions. The lack of common definitions of the concept of disablement, makes the situation more difficult, due to the lack of comparability of research using different assessment procedures and concepts of definition. The aim of the present project is to establish a European group which is going to apply and test concepts and criteria of disablement in the area of mental and neurological disorders and test the applicability, reliability and validity of the revised ICIDH and associated instruments in clinical populations. The final aim is to produce a scheme and assessment procedures for disablements in the area of mental and neurological disorders, for use in various areas of research in Europe, policy formulation and planning in health, as well as in clinical practice, social security systems and legislation. The proposed project is to be carried out over a thirty six month period, divided into two phases: the development of a bibliographical data base, the performance of ethnographic research in six European countries on mental and neurological disablements and the development and testing of a classification and related instruments for the assessment of mental and neurological disablements. These will also lead, to the development of a standardized European research protocol. The work will be carried out by seven teams, one of them being the Division of Mental Health and Prevention of Substance abuse of the WHO.

Disablement, mental disorders, neurological disorders, assessment instruments, classification, ICIDH, standardization, ethnographic research.


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