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Efficacy, efficiency and quality of the health policy in the European union


Identification of the mean levels and the best performers in terms of efficacy, efficiency and quality of the European drug regulatory activities and policies using a comparative (Benchmarking) analysis.

Brief description:
Several thousands of medicinal products are currently marketed in the European Union: the criteria used in each country for their approval have been little studied and are not well known. Preliminary findings indicate that significant discrepancies exist in the regulatory activities and policies in the European Union because a country may spend its health budget in the reimbursement of drugs withdrawn from the market in the neighbour country or may market twenty products containing a drug never approved in the other countries.
These discrepancies can be a source of irrational prescribing and absence of optimal therapeutic outcome and are also a waste of public money: thus large savings can be made ameliorating patient care.
The analysis will be performed by:
* carrying out a comprehensive survey of all the drugs available in the Member States of the European Union and comparing their number, date of approval, necessity of medical prescription and reimbursement (%) by the National Health Service.
* comparing indications and maximal suggested dosages of the drugs mutually available in at least two European countries.
* analysing the discrepancies between countries in terms of drugs withdrawn or refused in one country but currently marketed in others and explaining these discrepancies.
* A final benchmarking analysis will be performed in terms of drug and therapeutic class, country, holder of marketing authorisation.

Efficiency, efficacy, quality, Europe, health policy, drug-related problems, health expenditure, benchmarking


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Largo Francesco Vito 1
00168 Roma