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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Reliable non invasive diagnostic tools for on the spot detection ofinfectious human diseases


This proposal is prepared with the help of an EXPLORATORY AWARD BMH4 CT979175, which included a Research Feasibility Study. The objectives of the proposed cooperative research project is to combine the engineering and big materials sk ills of the proposers with the microbiology and medical skills of additional pa rtners. The joint venture of the partners is foreseen to lead to the developmen t of a high quality generation of diagnostic test kits for non invasive detecti on of various human diseases. In order to develop the new method to a cost effe ctive fabrication of detection kits there are specific needs for a highly skill ed engineering group capable to implant specific antibody / antigen, characteri sed and produced in industrial scale. The basic invention that will make the approach possible is covered by a patent application. The patent reveals a Mul ti Section System (MSS) that will include all the chemical reactants and proces ses that is normally used in the clinical laboratory to analyse a sample for a given disease. The MSS will be constructed as a foolproof test kit and produ ced from low cost environmentally acceptable materials. The device can be used of non skilled personal requiring no medical knowledge or assistance to perform the test. Through mass production the concept proposed here should eventual ly allow the production of such diagnostic kits at a price level in the order o f 1 ECU. Thus, the use of this type of diagnostic tool will not be restricted d ue to fabrication costs, but will become a question of reliability and national health policy. The market for the MSS will be medical doctors (especially g eneral practitioners), clinics and health centres.

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