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Major part of the work have been concentrated on a very innovative development of the material. This development have been a succes - it is possible to produce a durable, cementitious material with a large strain capacity. A theoretical crack width model for concrete at early ages gave been verified.

Design criterias for NEWPAVE overlay have been developed, and different paving techniques judged. The NEWPAVE overlay can be paved with commercial available paving equipment as slipform pavers or Bidd-Well pavers, and good bond to the substrate can be achieved. Further improvements of practical methods for creating the wanted pattern of fine cracks in the young concrete are however needed.

Full-scale tests have demonstrated, that it is possible to utilize the NEWPAVE technology, and general guidelines for NEWPAVE work have been written.

Construction costs for NEWPAVE overlay is two to three times larger than for asphalt wearing courses, but whole life considerations foresee significantly lower total costs.

Construction costs for a lean concrete layer overlaid with a continuous NEWPAVE is lower than construction costs for a traditional jointed concrete pavement.
The majority of asphalt pavements in the EC show clear signs of rutting. Increased axle loads, higher tyre pressures and increasing traffic volume have led to todays situation, where more than 90 percent of the roads are being overloaded.

This project aims at the development of a cementitious overlay material which can be used as strengthening and as a wearing course on flexible pavements, even when applied in thin layers. Ductility of the material is obtained through controlled microcracking and fibre reinforcement. Design criteria and draft specifications for the use of the new material will be a part of the project result.

It is expected that more than 100 different concrete compositions will be assessed, resulting in selection of 4 to 6 types to be used for full scale testing as overlays on appropriate public roads situated in both Southern and Northern Europe. Monitoring of the performance will be carried out at high pavement temperature, as well as under winter conditions.

Assessment of the possibility for using the overlay material for concrete pavement rehabilitation and for bridge deck surfacing will also be carried out.

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