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Hydrogeological, Geological and geotechnical analyses aimed at choosing the most suitable sites
The main achievement of the study has been the development of methodology and availability of field samples. This task must be repeated for every new possible localisation of the project.

Chemical, physical and mineralogical tests on clays
The main achievement of the study has been the assessment of the possibility to employ these materials (coming from Sinalunga area) for heavy clay products: (sample 1214-1, 1214-5 hand made brick). Other materials should be employed for tiles, hallow brick production.

Assessment of environmental compatibility
Software and main methodologies developed in the selected site are fully in operation and available for every similar site. The achievement was the full development of the methodology of the approach. The main achievement of the project has been the assessment of the environmental suitability of the project in area similar to the previously predicted.

Study of a mobile covering
The conclusion of these works is that is possible, by a geometrical point of view, to reduce the optical impact of excavation works.

Mining plan
In different site software and methodology will be the same.
It is proposed to develop an integrated clay quarrying system which foresees the contemporary environmental restoring of the areas under exploitation.

The result of the activity will be a know-how which will allow to project and manage new clay-quarrying activities taking into account the immediate reuse of the exploited sites.

The investigation aims to evaluate the suitability of solid waste to be used for the reclamation activity.

The major research tasks are :

i) Chemical physical and mineralogical tests of clays in selected areas in order to assess their suitability to be used in the brick industry.

ii) Geological and geotechnical and hydrogeological analysis aimed to choose the best suited sites.

iii) Quarrying plan.

iv) Environmental recovery.

v) Feasibility study of the reclamation of exploited areas through their filling with materials coming as waste from the brick industry and, mainly, from other industrial activities and from other suitable sources.

vi) Process engineering of the recovery activity : Prordainment of waste, compacting, leachate treatment, monitoring of the progressive exhaustion of the waste.

The successful outcome of the research would allow the doubling of the present clay-roof-tile production, which would entail a market share of 5% in the activity branch.

The production and employment of linings and related items to ward and encapsulate solid waste could grow of 10% in the next decade as a result of the successful outcome of the research.

The resulting engineering know-how concerning the new approach in design, management and monitoring could be exploited in similar situations elsewhere.

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