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The major project results are:
- welding tolerances improvement,
- software to predict the molten zone 3D shape,
- development of on-line control
- mechanical law for weld characterization,
- mechanical characterization,
- welding of large scale specimens.

An economical evaluation has been carried out by the industrial partners. At this time, the high investment cost is a major limitation for the industrial development of laser welding process.
Five industrial target applications concerning European mechanical industry (off-shore,railway and tube transportation, energy generation girders) have been identified. The proposal research is directed at developing new applications of CO2 laser welding in these areas. Various technologies which allow to improve process efficiency in terms of weldability, welding tolerances, welding positions and control of process parameter fluctuations will be developed. Moreover a research activity concerns the mechanical characterisation of welds (in terms of non linear fracture mechanics and local approach). In the second part of this project, specimens representative of "industrial target applications" will be welded, then mechanically tested.

The major research tasks are the following:

- improvement of material weldability

- improvement of weld quality

- improvement of process reliability(on-line control)

- mechanical characteristics measurement for process certification.

Along this research activity duration, the technological innovation and laser welding process will be analyses in terms of economical interest.

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