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Three specific results were obtained from the AMBITE project, namely:
A framework that allowed the business goals of an enterprise to be translated into a set of operational level performance measures. These performance measures were related to the strategy of the company and were related to specific business processes within the enterprise.
A set of semantic models for Interconnect Technology and Concurrent Engineering. These models contained detailed knowledge about a specific technology/programme and were customised to reflect specific industrial applications. The specific industrial information was provided by the project industrial endorsers.
A set of three prototype analysis tools. These analysis tools provided a means for senior managers to assess the implications for their business of investing in a specific technology or programme.
The proposed research is directed at the development of a methodology to allow senior managers to evaluate the impact of the implementation of manufacturing strategies. The research will use two types of manufacturing strategy decision as a basis for this development; the implantation of a new technology(COB/Flip-Chip/MCM).

The major research tasks are: (i) identification of a business integrated manufacturing strategy model for companies and the definition of manufacturing strategy performance indicators

(ii) the development of a framework linking programme and technology issues to key manufacturing strategy performance variables

(iii) an analysis of a sample programme and technology using the framework

(iv) the prototyping (with the industrial endorsers) of an architecture for a decision support system which allows senior managers to evaluate the implantation of a technology or programme in accordance with their business needs using knowledge-based inference and state-of-the-art user interfaces.

Successful completion will result in a methodology and prototype that allows senior managers to analyse the competitive position of the company, develop a framework for a manufacturing strategy compatible with this position and within this framework to understand the impact, in terms of human resources and skills, organisational structures, resource requirements etc., of the implementation of new technologies or programmes.

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