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Practical and theoretical aspects of the anchorage implants.
Collaboration for the study of the bone adhesives and mechanical and structural properties of ewe cancellous bone have been achieved.
Haemocompatibility materials and related topics.
Platelet response, activation of the coagulation system and complement activation of PVC, special PVC and EVA were performed in order to comparative evaluation and ranking of already existing method and have ideas for improving blood contacting materials and developing possibly new testing methods.
Treatments for improving biocompatibility.
Treatment of metallic surfaces and treatment of silicone rubber with new antibacterial synthesized polymers were carried out in order to render them resistant to bacterial infection.
Biomaterials for dental restoration and substitution.
The fluoride release and caries inhibition, UV-visible curing polymerisation kinetics and shrinkage and mechanical properties fracture toughness and wear of dental materials were studied.
Biomaterials performance database.
At the end of the concerted action a database consisting of sample entries from 12 of the selected biomaterials and with citations covering the whole range of the tests was ready.
The Concerted Action is aimed at the interaction, the integration and - through enhancement and programmes strengthening - the coordination of activities within BRITE-EURAM II projects, as well as with other CEC programmes and national programmes in the field of materials for biomedical applications. Biomaterials, either for restoration or substitution of hard and soft tissue, represent a major interest for European countries both on scientific, medical, industrial and social ground. However, despite an outstanding interest in research and applications of biomaterials, in Europe there is no satisfactory exchange, feedback and transfer of know-how, of expertise or of long term programming between Universities, Scientific centers and Industries. Specifically, this proposal would provide a versatile forum for information exchange, cooperation and planning of new initiatives in the following topics:

a) Long term performance of biomaterials for dental restoration and substitution,
b) long term stability of orthopedic implants: their pre-application characteristics,
c) soft tissues for cardiovascular and other applications,
d) tissues-body interactions,
e) data base and standardization.

One of the aims will be the creation of facilitate the introduction of advanced materials databanks on biomaterials performance to into critical applications. European Industries can greatly benefit in term of innovation, re-conversion and marketing by the success of this Concerted Action. In addition this forum of experts coming from scientific and industrial world, will provide - as a major achievement of the Concerted Action and in line with the expected action of CEC to take in 1995 - suggestions and concertations to adapt regulations and standards in the field of biomaterials.

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