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Nowadays there is a general need to transport passengers, car and cargoes at reasonable costs and high speed through the sea. The most attractive type of high speed vessels seems to be the Surface Effect Ship (S.E.S.). Up to now only small and medium size S.E.S. have been put in service for military and passengers transportation purposes but there is a growing interest in large size S.E.S.(length over 150 m and displacements around 5000 toms) capable of speed over 50 Kn with passengers, cars and cargo capabilities. The structures of a large size S.E.S. have in the lightness a strong requirement besides strength and stiffness. In fact the hull needs not only to be propelled at a certain velocity but also to be sustained on a air cushion in order to reduce the hydrodynamic resistance. The great difference between the dimensions of these large size ships and the existing S.E.S. does not allow both to apply usual methodologies and criteria for structural analysis of smaller craft and to use traditional structures and materials for the hull structures, so the designer needs to search for light and higher strength structural materials and for the adoption of new structural solutions unconventional for the shipbuilding field. The purpose of the project is the feasibility analysis of structures built with advanced materials for new large unconventional SES, the set up of an integrated structural analysis procedure and software and the development of a reliability based design criteria and guidelines to be used in order to obtain a reliable structural design for large size S.E.S. vessels.

The main objectives of the project are:

- assess the feasibility of light high strength structure of unconventional large size S.E.S. using also advanced materials;
- the set up of a fully integrated software procedure for structural analysis;
- the definition of reliability based structural design criteria and guidelines;
- the collection of experimental results of model tests and sea trials;
- the improvement of production technologies in shipbuilding.

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