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A prototype of a trend monitoring and protection system based on the study of vibration behaviour has been developed.

The monitoring system is based in the following components:
- The development of new accelerometers, based on advanced optical technologies. They should be capable of the measurement of low frequency (lower than 1 Hz) and medium frequency vibrations in a hostile electromagnetic environment. These sensors measure the vibrations of the guide bearing supports and other specific items like core and end winding.
- An advanced dynamic data acquisition and signal processing unit, DASPU, capable of acquiring and processing temporal and spectral information of the sensor signals is also a part of the project. The DASPU analyses measured signals and the information is sent to a host computer, through a digital communication link. This information is used for on-line monitoring in the acquisition unit and for predictive maintenance and data trend analysis in a host computer.
- Two different concurrent and/or alternative techniques are used to detect changes in the behaviour of the parameters indicative of the development of a fault: statistical techniques (multiregression and Kriging) and artificial intelligence software package, based on a neural network approach.
- The host computer software, supported by commercial standards, controls the data acquired and transmitted by the DASPUs, builds a data base from the recorded data and stores and displays the data.
- The system can operate as a stand alone system or be integrated in a larger corporate system.
- Development of a software package for on-line monitoring, communications with the acquisition units, database management, visualisation and control of the overall system.
- The system is complemented with instrumentation already existing in the power plant for detection of static parameters such as water level, opening of the distributor, active power, power factor, temperature of the different components of the machine, pressure, etc.
The proposed research is directed to the development of a trend monitoring and protection system for hydroelectric generating sets, based on the analysis of vibrational behaviour. The system will be composed of monitoring codes, transducer for static signals and new transducers based on fibre and integrated optics technology will be developed due to the low frequency vibrational behaviour and electromagnetic environment of this kind of machines. The major research tasks are:

- Definition of System characteristics and specifications.
- Development of a modern signal processing unit based on digital techniques.
- Development of neural networks for failure prediction, correlating the vibration and failure.
- Development of very low frequency accelerometers based on fibre and integrated optics technologies.
- Test of the full system in a hydroelectric power plant.

Successful completion should yield reduction in the maintenance time of the power plants and the optimization of energy resources. Technology transfers to other electrical machines and other sectors will be possible.

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