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The overall objective of the project is to create an integrated design methodology that combines the latest developments in the field of database systems, continuum design sensitivity analysis, reliability analysis for both time-invariant and time-variant problems (e.g. crack growth and ageing) and reliability-oriented structural optimization.
At the completion of the project the following results have been achieved:

i) Specification for a reliability based design optimisation methodology has been created. Requirements for the prototype software have been defined.
ii) The database structure has been developed. Features of statistical analysis for advanced materials have been identified and implemented. Example data sets for metallic material have been collated and stored.
iii) The methodology and prototype software for size, shape and configuration design sensitivity have been developed.
iv) Algorithms for time invariant reliability analysis have been enhanced or updated and new algorithms developed and implemented. The theory and computational algorithms for time variant analysis have also been developed and implemented in prototype format.
v) The overall strategy for the interactive optimization has been formulated, algorithms developed and implementation of the associated software accomplished. Integration of reliability and optimisation methods with continuum design sensitivity analysis lead to enhanced computational efficiency.
vi) The integration of modules for structural analysis, design sensitivity, reliability and optimisation into a prototype software system has been successfully completed. A prototype Graphical User Interface for the whole system has been developed, visual post-processing tools and interfaces for the individual modules have been created.
vii) Two large practical examples of the design of a communication antenna and a rocket booster case have been prepared and executed.

In conclusion, satisfactory progress was achieved in all aspects of theoretical work envisaged in the original work programme and, resulting from the advanced state of the project background information, the development of individual software modules exceeded initial planning. The integrated computer package CARBOS was created in a prototype format.
One task is to develop software modules for data management, numerical analysis and interpretation of results, the latter including graphics facilities to display important information on a computer screen.

Another task is to provide designers in the aerospace industry with a convincing demonstration of the capabilities of reliability-oriented optimal design.


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