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Content archived on 2024-04-16


Exploitable results

Pillared layered structures (PLS) are obtained by propping a layered host material such as a clay, a phosphate, or a layered double hydroxide, with organic molecules, inorganic polyions or colloids. They are extremely versatile nanoengineered and multifunctional porous solids. Areas studied included PLS in catalysis; PLS in organic synthesis; PLS in separation; PLS in environmental engineering processes; PLS in electrochemical applications; PLS-based sensors. New materials and/or demonstration prototypes have been obtained for catalytic applications, such as glycol either production, syngas conversion, alkylation reactions or hydroisomerism of normal paraffins; for environmental applications and clean processes, such as phenol removal or heavy metal scavenging from waste water; for separation applications such as oxygen/nitrogen separation, smoke filtration or edible oil cleaning; for glucose oxidase or humidity sensors; for pronic conductors in batteries; for plastic stabilizers.

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