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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Surface modelling and quality control system for manual and automatic coordinate measuring machines


Major developments made through the project include the following:

A software product SHAPID (SHAPe IDentification) for surface modelling based upon digitized data of a CMM machine and upon advanced smoothing and fitting algorithms. Original algorithms have been developed for NURBS curve and surface fitting and interpolation. The software is also able to process randomly distributed points and to eliminates errors generated during the measuring cycle.
An software product SURFEYOR for on-line measurement of unknown free-form features has been developed. This software uses triangulation principle and adaptively measures the unknown workpiece according to prespecified criteria.
A software module INSPEC has been developed for off-line measurement of known free-form features. INSPEC generates DMIS commands for controlling the movement of a CMM.
Standard interfaces for data exchange between the developed software modules and other CAD systems are developed. Interface modules interfacing the developed software with existing CAD/CAM systems and coordinate measuring machines are also developed. In particular, BM-interface was used to communicate between the developed software and UNIGRAPHICS, a product of EDS. A neutral CMM interface driver was developed for interfacing the developed software modules with CMM machines.
Hardware developments for coordinate measuring machines: This part include mainly the CMM design feasibility study and the development of a PC-based CNC controller for quality control and surface digitizing.
The project will develop :

(i) a software package for surface modelling based on digitizing data from a CMM machine and having advanced smoothing and fitting algorithms (e.g. surface fitting, CMM error smoothing, etc.)

(ii) a software package for manual and CNC programmed digitizing and quality inspection, with related printed and graphics reports

(iii) a new concept of coordinate measuring machines, supporting discrete manual and discrete as well as automatic surface digitizing

(iv) a PC-based CNC controller, with specific features for quality control and surface digitizing.

These developments are integrated into an unique application, but are organized in separate modules, that can be used independently, communicating with other CAD systems by means of standard interfaces, mainly DMIS, IGES, VDA-FS, STEP and BM-interface.


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