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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Simultaneous engineering system for applications in mechanical engineering (sesame)


The SESAME system is a complete CAD/CAPP/CAM system for prismatic parts totally based on feature technology. It consists of a independent CAD system and a CAPP/CAM - system. The CAPP/CAM system consists of three possibilities to generate a process plan. The great advantage of this architecture is, that in every case a complete and valid process plan can be generated. The integrated NC-system automatically calculates the toolpaths with no differentiation between the modules which generated the process plans.

The SESAME system is an engineering/design system which can be used to reduce product development time and cost. With SESAME mechanical parts can be designed which can be manufactured cost effectively with very short lead times while product quality is maintained or increased. The database keeps the manufacturing knowledge available to design and manufacturing personal in the same way and in the same manner. In the future more time can be invested to increase technology knowledge in the database and to optimize process plans instead of daily routine work.
These objectives will be achieved using the significant advances made by the participants in the development of a new generation of solids modeller, a highly advanced NC programme preparation system based on the solids modeller, a prototype CAPP system and sophisticated genetic algorithms.

Integration of these components and their application in the end users environment represents progress beyond state of the art. The project's innovative character is enhanced by further new areas of investigation - implicit feature interaction and useful feature hierarchy.


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