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Content archived on 2024-04-16

An advanced computer based method for the design and optimization of global machining aspects (DOGMA)


The main objective of the DOGMA is to achieve a generalized procedure to apply the most modern modelling techniques to the milling process, including the CNC-Machine with its different components, the cutting-tool, the fixturing system and the workpiece.
During the project, the FE-method, Modal Analysis and Model Updating to reduce vibration problems were introduced to the machine tool manufacturer. The application of these techniques to two machines gave a significant insight into their dynamic behaviour. On the basis of the investigations performed, design variations to reduce the vibrations occurring during the milling process can be performed. The Expert System for Design (ESDES) is in use to support the design of new and the modification of existing machines reducing significantly the time and costs for the selection and calculation of basic data for milling machine design.
For the machine tool user, a systematic, structured approach to and a deeper knowledge of the milling processes concerning the influences of dynamic effects are a major results of the project. The collected knowledge was formalized and structured using an Expert System shell. Using this technology, the knowledge about the milling process is accessible to all people which are involved in the design of milling programs. The Expert System for Diagnosis (ESDIAG) is in use and under continuous extension. Its application reduces the time to create milling programs as well as the milling process time itself.
The modelling techniques to be used are based on new research in the fields of :

- Finite Element Method and model reduction
- Experimental Model Analysis and parameter identification procedures
- Finite Element Model updating
- Expert Systems.

On the basis of standards tools (CAD, FEM and Model Analysis packages) special programmes and the necessary interfaces will be developed to obtain an open and integrated environment for computer-aided modelling, simulation and analysis.

This environment and the procedures which will be also established in the DOGMA project will make a powerful tool that will be able to be used by two main sectors :

- machine tool manufacturers, particularly those dedicated to 3-5 axis CNC machines requiring high precision and speed
- high precision parts manufacturers like those used in automobile, aeronautical and aerospatial industries.


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