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Innovative electrochemical techniques for precious metals recovery


Objectives and content
The aim of this project is to develop, in collaboration with industry, techniques for the recycling of precious metals.
The study will compare four recycling strategies, based on electroassisted two-phase extraction, electroassisted transport through supported membranes, supported liquid ionic exchangers and selective functionalised metal-ion exchange resins. The different techniques will be compared and assessed for their possible commercial exploitation.
New synthetic ligands, complying with the specific requirements of precious metals complexation, will be synthesised, with a view to carrying out extractions using both simple electroassisted ion transfers or the new methods of coupled ion and electron transfer reactions. The successful ligand will be incorporated in the different engineering configurations that will be studied: chemically attached to resins, incorporated in 5 supported liquid membranes (both electrically conducting and non-conducting) by rendering them hydrophobic, and in solvent extraction conditions under controlled interfacial potential.

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Universidade do Porto
Praca gomes teixeira
4050 Porto

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