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Safe Passage and Navigation

Exploitable results

The objective of SPAN was to provide a sound basis for planning the safe passage at high speed in shallow water and to provide a real time aid for navigation for fast twin hulled vessels. The SPAN project provides a sound basis for planning safe passage at high speed in shallow water and a real time aid for navigation for fast twin hulled vessels. Software tools have been developed to optimize waterjet design, based upon new proven data, providing great improvements in shallow water A computer model has been developed through which operational limits in shallow water could be realistically examined to ensure safe passage. An onboard model-based predictive system for collision/grounding avoidance in shallow waters has also been developed, to maintain "safe navigation." A new more efficient and low wash hullform has been developed. An ultra low wash hullform has also been designed for use when wash is the very most important factor. A new design for waterjets will result in lower weights of the craft and improved manoeuvrability. The excellent CFD results in comparison with the full scale trials have provided the consortium with a strong tool to further optimize the inlets for shallow water effects. The navigational aid developed under the SPAN project exceeds the original objectives of the project proposal. As far as the consortium is aware there is nothing remotely as sophisticated available outside the military aerospace industry. A fully functioning navigational aid as prototyped in the SPAN project is of vital importance to our end-users Transtejo. In the near future a new rail link across the Tagus will come into operation. This is expected to have a major impact on Transtejo's business. To compete effectively with this service Transtejo needs to be able to manoeuvre their craft safely at high speed in narrow channels. The navigational aid developed over the course of the SPAN project will allow them to do this. During the course of the development of the navigational aid some areas that need further development before a complete working system can be realised were highlighted. The concept works, but various elements need more research, such as display techniques (ship borne wide angle of view HUD), sensor techniques, human factors and adaptive modelling.