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Flexible workshop for airframe assembly


BE95-1018 Flexible Workshop for Airframe Assembly

Within a very competitive aircraft market the successful companies will be those which will succeed in drastically reducing their costs and their cycles. A large part of the cost of an aircraft is generated by assembling the airframe. This project proposes to improve the competitiveness of European aircraft manufacturers by developing a flexible airframe assembly cell. Including a better flexibility and using improved fasteners, equipments, effectors... Such a cell will be the tool to answer tomorrow's challenge in aircraft industry.

Today, assembly jigs and tools are specific to each type of aircraft and are defined according to a given production rate as soon as the program is launched. For each new aircraft or new model of aircraft or production rate modifications, the design of new tools and the disposal of obsolete assembly jigs and tools is necessary.

These constraints should be reduced by:
. jigs and industrial equipment flexibility (adjustable multi program tools )
. tool modularity using-standardized parts at a European level . operation mechanization for;:
- the handling of parts to be assembled.
the assembly of parts
. the compactness and standardisation of effectors.

This objective will be achieved by the delivery of specifications for machines, effectors and handling means. To achieve this, it is necessary to integrate the results of the research on airframe design including in association way automation and flexibility constraints.

This objective will be achieved by the delivery of a specification handbook for design.

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