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Thixoforming of Advanced Light Metals for Automotive Components


BE95-1244 Thixoforming of Advanced Light Metals for Automotive components
The pressure on car manufacturers to reduce weight is continuously increasing; this can effectively be achieved by replacing components traditionally made from iron and steel with new, possibly redesigned components made of light metals. Due to the higher material cost it is necessary to use more cost efficient manufacturing processes, e.g. near-net-shape thixoforming.
Three advanced material groups will be investigated: aluminium and magnesium alloys in addition to aluminium metal matrix composites (Al-MMCs).
The objectives of this proposal are therefore to:

- develop and produce advanced thixoformable alloys of Al, Al-MMCs and Mg, - study and model the thixoforming process,
- manufacture automotive components by near-net-shape thixoforming of all 3 alloy groups,
- determine the properties and performance of these real components, - assess the cost effectiveness of the process, and
- compare the overall properties and cost effectiveness of components made from the three light metal groups.

The following achievements are expected:

- near-net-shape thixoforming of minimum 3 light weight components with satisfactory properties and performance,
- weight reductions of 30-40% over components made from iron and steel - cost savings of min. 15-20% over light weight components made traditionally.

In addition to the research organisations/universities the Consortium consists of 3 material producers, 2 manufacturers and 2 very large industrial conglomerates as end-users. This combination of industrial partners will ensure a very fast exploitation of the results of this project.

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