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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Control of gas phase and condensend matter temperature in industrial processes


Objectives and content
One of the main features of the modern Industrial High Temperature Processes (IHTP) are the severe requirements for on-line control of production quality, process stability and safety.
The absence of on-line temperature control and monitoring is one of the main limitations of improvement of IHTP stability and safety, increase of the product quality and efficiency, decrease of the environment pollution, etc.
The main aim of the present Project is the development of low cost simple in exploitation (easy installation procedure and minimum maintenance) industrial type equipment for simultaneous temperature measurements of gas phase and condensed matter and feedback control of IHTP. The main Industrial Objectives are the following:
- development of the main requirements imposed on process control to solve the following industrial problems:
. gas burning: air replacement by O2 in combustion, combustion efficiency increase, NOx emission decrease, gas flowrate decrease, " hot spots" elimination
. waste treatment by plasma torch: to avoid the heavy metal emission, process stability and efficiency
. thermal spraying: eliminate scrap recovery, avoid overheating of the flame and generation of toxic by-products
. stability
. laser welding for aerospace industry: reduce the number of quality inspection and repair ratio after welding of titanium alloy TA6V and stainless steel.
- design of low-cost industrial type basic diagnostic system intended for simultaneous on-line monitoring of:
. process temperature conditions on heated surface (in solid or liquid state) at sharp variations of surface emissivity and under flame or plasma plume influence
. temperature of industrial flames or low temperature industrial thermal plasma.
The main technical parameters of the diagnostic system to be developed are the following: number of wavelengths - about 10; spectral range - (0.5-3.1) m; temperature range (800ø-5000øC) for condensed matter and (900ø-3200øC) for flame; diameter of measured spot on condensed matter surface - (0.3-1 mm); line-of-sight flame thickness (0.1-2.5 m); optical density range of flame or plasma plume (0.02-2); average accuracy (1-2)%;G response time about 0.5-0.7 ms.
- industrial implementation of the prototype of on-line control equipment on 30 MW glass melting furnace. The commercial version of the process control equipment-will be available on the market in 1.5 years after completion of the project.
AIR LIQUIDE is responsible for exploitation and wide dissemination of the Project results in glass industry, metallurgy, waste treatment, etc.

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