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European Landing Gear Advanced Research


Objectives and content

As a key part of the European Aeronautics Industry, the success of European Landing Gear manufacturers is highly dependent upon the development and exploitation of advanced technologies which improve competitiveness and global market share. The growing diversity of technologies demanded to satisfy future performance and commercial requirements can best be addressed by bringing together specific technological expertise in a European research collaboration. The objective of the proposed research is to position the European Landing Gear manufacturers to capture 50% of the potential 12 BECU market for landing gear over the next 20 years.

The market drivers are to reduce, by 25%, system weight, first cost and cost of ownership of landing gear systems. To meet these targets, the technical challenges to be addressed are advanced load control systems; carbon fibre composite actuators; new approach for landing gear design.

Within the area of advanced load control systems, the benefits of an active shock absorber control system and of new design concepts in multi-wheel configurations of landing gear systems will be determined through practical demonstration and through evaluation of their implications for the whole aircraft assessed through theoretical analysis. An evaluation of power demand and possible optimisation will also be conducted.

For carbon fibre composite actuators, the integrity of two design and manufacture processes will be demonstrated and potential further application of composite materials in the design of light weight landing gear structural elements will be investigated.

In the new approach for landing gear design, the theoretical models used in ELGAR I will be enhanced to cover all operating modes of the aircraft and to better represent the tyre and aircraft characteristics essential for the prediction of landing gear design loads. An essential element in the new design approach is a statistical definition of aircraft operational characteristics. In the absence of suitable measured data, a general database of operational usage for a selection of in-service aircraft types will be established. This data will also be used to extend the new design approach to fatigue analysis and examine the feasibility of a flexible approach to landing gear maintenance.

The Consortium comprises Eurogear EEIG (formed by the major European landing gear manufacturers to facilitate collaborative research) and Airbus Industrie partners together with other organisations having particular technological expertise.

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