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Advanced Technologies Supercapacitors


The use of supercapacitors in combination with a battery
has been proposed as an effective mean to obtain the
optimum electric vehicle energy storage system and
reducing energy consumption. The capacitor performs a
load levelling function for the battery by providing the
power to meet the peak demands required for the vehicle
starting, acceleration, regenerative braking and up hill
driving. The demand on the battery in such a system is
reduced, thereby allowing the possible use of smaller,
longer lived and lower cost batteries.
Large possibility of improvement of supercapacitor
performances exists based on materials and processes.
These improvements will allow to have a more efficient
energy management, to increase the operational time of
the capacitive storage (from 15 s to 30 s) in the
electric vehicles and to suppress batteries in fuel cell
driven vehicles.
The objectives of the programme are to develop advanced
technologies for supercapacitors based on new materials
and innovative processes. The goals in terms of energy
and power density are respectively 10 Wh/kg and at least
2 kW/kg. The values are more than twice those of the
present state of the art in small cells.
The proposed research programme is focused on:
The synthesis and the caracterization of electrodes and
The development of the associated electrode processes,
The manufacture of lab cells and prototypes,
The test of the cells and a comparative performance
And a final technical/economical analysis.
This programme aims at bringing together European skills
on supercapacitors and, more particularly on electrode
materials and associated manufacturing processes to
develop a new qeneration of high performance
This work would allow to secure the position and to
maintain the competitiveness of the European industry.

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