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Simulation of dummy and its enviroment for car crash


Safer vehicles have played an important part in reducing
the number of deaths and injuries in road accidents. Car
Manufacturers initiatives, public pressure and
legislative standards contributed to the important
decrease obtained since the early 70's. Safer design of
vehicles has been mainly supported by a huge amount of
experimental activities resulting in large costs and long
durations. More recently, numerical simulations were
introduced able to predict the crash behaviour of the
vehicles and also of the dummies used in evaluating the
biomechanical impact on the occupants. In the pursuit of
reducing the residual accidents rate (44000 in 1994) and
social costs (about 15000 MECU) a new research effort is
motivated by many reasons.

First, designers in the past focused on the body
structure while now are putting more and more attention
on the interior of the vehicle. Major safety improvements
are expected from studying the interactions between the
occupants and the overall systems constituted by
components (such as dashboard and seats) and restraint
systems (such as belts and airbag). Second, there is
currently a safety oriented increasing attention and new
standards are expected (regarding child restraint system,
for instance). Finally the trend to increase the number
of crash tests in order to achieve a wider assessment
towards population percentiles and accident conditions
create a new demand on numerical simulations to save
development time and costs. It is therefore within the
scope of the SIDECAR project to support the above
mentioned needs with a large simulation database covering
both dummy models and passive safety equipments. This is
in direct accordance with the tasks 3.B.5.2.S and
3.B.5.3M. The objective of the proposed research is then
the development of new knowledge and tools in order to
improve car occupants safety during crash conditions.

The project is based on the development of new Finite
Elements models for crash dummies, to be integrated with
a simulation platform for concurrent design of the safety
system environment. The safety equipment modeling will
cover the main devices involved in the "restraint
system": airbag, seat and seat belt, with the
introduction of additional features like belt pre
tensioner. The proposed research so, would lead to the
availability of a complete library of models (dummies and
safety equipments) and some safety oriented tools as pre
and post processing for car crash simulation, together
with an integrated simulation platform and an
experimental Database used for the validation of the
simulation models. The use of accurate dummy models
interacting with safety equipments during car and
equipment design would improve protection of occupants
and furthermore would give to European automotive
industry a major competitive advantage in:
- reducing of experimentations and costs of prototype
- reducing Time to Market
- adopting more reliable safety criteria during crash
- simplifying the communication between car makers and
suppliers, with the objective to homogenise the testing
process of cars and equipments.

The results of the project would then be distributed in
Europe one year after the end of the project and
worldwide 2 years after the project in view of assuring
competitive advantages to the participating
organisations. The project is planned over three years
for a global budget of 4.3 MECU. The supporting
Consortium is composed of nine partners, representing
four car manufacturers, a seat automotive supplier, a
safety restraint system supplier, a software developer
for applied mechanics and two universitary institutions.


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Participants (11)

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