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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Integration of conventional polymers with ceramic nanoparticles to produce structural composites with enhanced performances


- Production of nanosized silicon carbide powders with average size of about 10 nm;
- Preliminary production of iron-oxide nanoparticles;
- Identification of low price commercial nanofillers, fully accomplishing the project requirements, for volume production;
- Development of new polymerisation routes to obtain homogeneous particle dispersion ("in situ polymerisation").
- Production of nanocomposite test materials: 1) SiC+ Nylon,/ UPE/ epoxy resins/ PMMA; 2) Precipitated CaCO3 SOCAL( + polypropylene/ PMMA;
- Production of prototype gears for service tests in wood-drilling machine;
- Production of PP+ CaCO3 SOCAL( at different filler concentration;
- Production and test of clutch spare parts.
The industrial and technical objectives of the present
proposal are the development and production of a new
class of polymeric based nanocomposites with enhanced
performances. These new materials are aimed to substitute
more expensive technical parts and to the production of
barrier plastic film in food industry . To this end
nanoscale ceramic powders will be added to commercial
products. Nanoscale ceramic particles will be produced
either by laser synthesis from gaseous precursor or by
conventional method. The polymeric based composites will
be prepared by the two following alternative routes:
1) Fine particles dispersion in a polymer solution with
subsequent precipitation.
2) Direct dispersion of the ceramic nanoparticles in
the monomeric precursors and subsequent polymerization.
Since an homogeneous dispersion is a focal point for
performance improvement, the chemical composition as well
as the size of the nanoparticles will be tailored to
optimise the dispersion process. Technical components,
like gear systems in wood drilling machine, wear
resistance materials, as well as film for food packaging
will be made out of these new materials. The
performances of the polymeric nanocomposite manufactured
items will be tested in operating service conditions, and
the competitiveness with market production will be


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