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Hybrid composite structures for crash worthy bodyshells, containers and safe transportation structures


There is a demand from the railway industry and other
transportation sectors for lightweight yet impact
absorbent materials to replace metals. This project is
needed to provide the enabling technologies to produce
safe hybrid composite sandwich panels, modular sections,
bodyshells, containers, vessels, and transportation
structures with crash worthiness and a predictable
failure mechanism. The project will also produce a
standard procedure for full size property prediction
using scale models. The hybrid composite materials
structural system to be developed will have the following
advantages over current composite systems:
- failure of the composite structure will occur at a
predetermined force level
- the failure force level can be tailored to the
- the composite system will have a ductile type failure
mode absorbing high energy levels in a predictable
- the system will utilise little or no materials of high
- the reliability and predictability of the system will
facilitate the computer modelling of the system for other
The project will have two distinctive final results a
prototype demonstrator of the crash worthy composite
system and a standard procedure for full size property
prediction using scale models.
Claimed innovative aspects of this proposal include:
- an energy absorbing structural system applicable to a
wide range of composite materials
- a standard procedure for determining the properties of
a structure without the need for expensive full size
- a predictive tool for designing energy absorbing
structures which utilise the new rnaterials system.

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