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Polymer Light Emitting Diodes for Displays Materials and Technology


Polymer LEDs are very promising candidates for a new type
of display that offers several advantages over existing
technologies. It is the objective of this 2 year project
to develop the industrial technology for polymer LED
displays. Our strategy will be to demonstrate a polymer
LED backlight for a LC display, to enhance the visibility
under dim lighting conditions, after the first year of
the project. This will be followed by an actual emissive
polymer LED display of 32 x 64 resolution (monochrome),
at the end of the project. We will report on the process
control in the manufacturing of the semiconducting,
electroluminescent polymer material, and on the process
control in the polymer LED device manufacturing.
The project consortium is highly complementary and multi
disciplinary. It brings together two excellent research
institutes on conjugated, electroluminescent polymers in
Europe with a major electronic company and a major
chemical company, both with a strong background and
history in innovation and research, and therefore it
comprises R&D performers, developers, manufacturers,
suppliers and end users. The project consortium provides
all the necessary ingredients for a successful
development of this technology, including expertise in
The proposed project will encompass technical objectives
in selecting the optimum materials (electrode materials
and active, emissive polymer materials), in encapsulating
the polymer LED devices so that they can operate in air,
and in defining the protocol for testing the durability
and reliability of the polymer LED devices. The
industrial objectives are to design and control the
manufacturing process of polymer materials and polymer
LED devices. The principle tasks to achieve this are the
Selection of electrode materials (anode and
Manufacturing of electroluminescent material
(standard material and design of new,
improved materials)
Encapsulation of polymer LED devices
Reliability and testing of polymer LED devices

Design and control of manufacturing process for
polymer LED devices Selected specifications for the
polymer LED backlight from the project will be a
brightness of 100 Cd/m2, an operating lifetime of >1500
hrs, and a shelflife of > 5 years. For the monochrome
pixelated display, these specifications are an average
brightness of 100 Cd/m2, an operating lifetime of >5000
hrs, and a shelflife of > 10 years.
At the end of the project, prototypes of a polymer LED
backlight for LC display, and prototypes of a polymer LED
32 x 64 pixelated display will be available. Also, these
two devices will be combined with a typical end user
application. It is estimated that, after the completion
of the project, a period of 2 years is required before
the polymer LED devices will be implemented in electronic
equipment in the market.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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Hoechst AG

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